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Now well into their 30s, Archie and his friends are coming to terms with their adult lives. In July of that same year, it was revealed Archie would risk his life to save Kevin Keller from an assassination attempt. Newly-elected as a U. The characters of Archie Comics made their first live-action debut in the television movie Archie:

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This storyline angered fans whose frustration was quelled after The New York Times reported a second story would be told. While the main story of Afterlife with Archie focused on the town trying to rachie a zombie outbreak, the comic also delved into backstories of various characters.

Archie Andrews goes from average teen to handsome hunk and has a summer hookup with a more promiscuous version of Geraldine Grundy. The town itself has also been changed; involved in illegal activity and its residents hiding shocking and disturbing family secrets.

The edgier series, in an attempt to attract a teenage audience, was met with resistance from those that preferred their traditional comics. The characters of Archie Comics made their first live-action debut in the television movie Archie: In his married life to Veronica, he encounters shock and confusion, as well as feelings of betrayal from his closest friends.

Since its start inArchie Cbg has adapted to the changing times, becoming more modern and outspoken with each issue. Holland Debate, Solved 3.

Female characters, even Betty and Veronica, were now being drawn with shorter skirts and expanded bust sizes, and often in various states of undress. Fans of both comic universes were delighted by the news and continue to enjoy the interactions ccomics the polar opposite pairings.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was released in and centered around Sabrina Spellman and her aunts in the s town of Greendale. To ease his temper, Cheryl remarks she cr Archie to be nothing more than a plaything while Jason holds a higher place in comocs heart.

15 Times Archie Comics Crushed Your Inner Child | CBR

Archie Cvr Look Series based on twelve Riverdale High novels ocmics in the s that gave individual characters their own story and updated look.

These comics dealt with issues of romantic commitment in a religious setting and discussed ways to make the world a kinder and more accepting place. Please whitelist CBR or disable your ad blocker to continue. In earlythe citizens of Riverdale became the victims of a zombie apocalypse.

Archie Comics -

In Clean Slatethemes such as drug use and death were handled by emphasizing a belief in God. Various pop cultural references are made throughout the comic in an attempt to bring it into the modern era. While the comics had always downplayed the awkwardness of puberty, it became harder to dismiss the overly explicit behavior of young men when it came to encounters with attractive females. Now well into their 30s, Archie and his friends are coming to terms with their adult lives.


Each series focused on a different member of the gang and their own encounters with the paranormal and each received overwhelmingly positive reviews by readers who found the horror-influenced tales of cimics classic characters to be worth turning the page.

In one story, two drug-using classmates of Archie and Betty are involved in a car accident with Betty praying over one of the students as she is placed in an ambulance.

After a pitch idea from Batton Lash, the friends decided to run with it. In the early days of Archie ComicsRiverdale was family friendly, a pleasantville of happy-go-lucky individuals with everyday struggles. Newly-elected as a U.

What ensues is pure chaos as each team tries to mark arcchie importance as one of the most recognized female duos in history. Inthree titles were launched: Fifteen years after graduating from Riverdale High, the film follows Archie Andrews returning to his hometown for his high school reunion.

Various news outlets reporting on the story archei to explicitly state that the upcoming series was in fact a reality and not some hilarious stunt.

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The limited series was published in collaboration between Ccbr Comics and Dark Horse Comics in InArchie Comics announced an experimental change would take place and the classic characters would be undergoing a modern makeover. When Veronica is kidnapped, the unlikely pair team up to save her.

arche The comic, entitled Afterlife with Archiewas the first series to be directed toward a teen audience due to its graphic nature and dealings with mature themes. But with the s came change and Archie turned from innocent lover-boy to hormonal-raging teen.

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